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The Nebrasky Foundation is a nonprofit mentoring and educational scholarship foundation dedicated to helping Hudson Valley students who have been overlooked. Our foundation supports students who may be lacking family support or aren't academically strong. We strive to seek these students out and offer them the support they need to pursue a future career with success..


Working with local school districts throughout the Hudson Valley, our mission is to inspire and build confidence in young adults during an important decision-making time in their lives.


The Nebrasky Foundation provides scholarship funds for college, vocational school training, career, and technical education. In addition, we help provide as-needed assistance for tools, uniforms, and transportation, among other items for on-the-job training and internships.


We are building to eventually provide a multi-year model working with students as early as middle school through post-secondary completion.

The Nebrasky Foundation was launched in December 2019 by Ilene Nebrasky and Paul Nebrasky. The inspiration for the foundation came after seeing a need in the community to foster other types of education post-high school graduation. After speaking with several school administrators, it became clear that a priority was placed mainly on the traditional 4-year college model and not much encouragement for students who wanted to pursue a vocational or technical trade education.  


At the inception of the foundation, Ilene went on to take an Advanced Masters Certificate in College Advising and Counseling from Columbia University. Ilene’s goal was to learn all the ins and outs of financial aid, career selection, and unique educational programs available throughout the United States. As our lead mentor and Exective Director, Ilene has made it her passion to teach and mentor as many students as possible.


Paul decided to make it his mission to get out into the county’s public schools and speak to as many students as possible. Paul has spoken to students from BOCES to traditional classrooms and was most recently asked to speak in front of a chapter of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). These speaking engagements have allowed Paul to inspire students about owning and operating a local business and excite students about the many opportunities available to them to ensure a successful future.

We believe all young adults can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Encourage students who might not fit the traditional 4-year college model to pursue a technical or vocational field education beyond high school.

Provide tuition assistance to help achieve a lifetime goal.

One-on-One Mentoring for an underserved population. We provide young adults with an adult mentor and role model focused on nurturing future goals. We assist in engaging students to focus on potential career paths, secondary school options, and tools to find the proper financial assistance to succeed in a chosen field. 

Post-Secondary Mentoring to scholarship recipients and transition services for future career success. 

Female Student

Invest in me, it changes who I will become!

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